Well, you are curious enough to see why we are doing this. In short: We Love Freddie! But of course that is not enough to put hours MailChimp Freddieand hours of work into a place where you can find your Freddie or show where Freddie is living. We have seen many different place across the world that Freddie visited and we believe this journey needs to be captured.Also many people missed out on the opportunity to grab a MailChimp Freddie on the MailChimp giveaway site and are looking to complete their set of just get a Reddie Freddie or an Yeti Freddie.Post your wanted message on the board or if you have one for trade; be nice and trade it with a person somewhere else on the globe. Ask for a picture where freddie is and post it on the website…. We love to see Freddie travel!

Not related to MailChimp

To tell something about this site itself: it’s not related to MailChimp nor is it part of the company¬†MailChimp. We love the fact that this great company has an employee that is so lovely to watch. We also respect MailChimp Freddie as a brand icon. We respect any copyright and branding rules and if we are crossing a line here get in touch we are friendly people and don’t mean harm to Freddie and the people that work with MailChimp Freddie on a daily base.

So having said this all, if you need to get in touch; send us a message, otherwise:

Enjoy this site and rock on!