Hi everyone, you found freddie…. sort off… :-)

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Hi everyone, welcome! You just bumped into the freddie hangout. We are filling up this place and in the next few days it will be more complete. For now enjoy the eye goodies and check your favorite freddie. We love to hear from you and what you are missing. Lot’s of things to work on and we are working on quite some stuff: wanted, trading platform, off course all the background information about Freddie and photo competetions.

580765722588102657.jpgWe are missing something….. yes off course the newsletter. Well we are not really sure if we need one… 🙂 For some reason this site has to live on it’s own. But how can we make sure we are supporting Freddie in the right way? To do a newsletter…. So yes that will be there also but it will be the most irregular newsletter ever but we can’t do without. So expect a signup form somewhere to get the latest information about Freddie (the vinyl toy that is…) don’t expect a heads up on the giveaway that is something we can’t help you with.

For now that is it, we are starting but see a lot of people with the same issue or fun.  Looking for a freddie but others are touring the world. We love to create a place to gather that all together.