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Some say that Freddie is a myth. But you and I, we know the truth. We know that Freddie has always walked among us—from the frozen tundra on down to the swamps of Okefenokee, from the dawn of man on into the unseeable future. He’s a wily creature, and not everyone is ready to see something so strange and unusual.

We are creating an overview of all the version of freddie we come across. Below you can click on me and find out when I was born, how many brothers I have and some other very, very interesting information. There are many versions of freddie and this list is going to grow over time. If you have more information for us; just let us know. Otherwise keep your eyes out on this page and learn about your favorite vinyl toy!

The man, some call him bro but I prefer: Classic Freddie Classic Freddie
Reddie Freddie Reddie Freddie
Yeti Freddie Yeti Freddie
It comes from the swamps but it's soft and doesn't smell Swampy Freddie


Glow Freddie Glow Freddie